TROPICAL LAB 4: Urban Mythologies

Representatives from eight arts institutions arrived in Singapore in September 2010 to immerse themselves in a 10-day schedule of lectures, dialogue sessions, and field trips culminating in an exhibition of artworks inspired by the theme, “Urban Mythologies”. Guest artists, Aiko Miyanaga and Shinji Ohmaki from Japan and Shi Qing from China, contributed their unique perspectives to the dialogue.

“Urban Mythologies” aimed to provide a platform to explore, complicate and unravel the ways Singapore has been imaged and imagined in relation to its rich repertoire of myths, legends and cultural histories. The theme also facilitated observations of the collision between the physical metropolis and the underlying beliefs.

Participating artists:
Yusuf Ismail | Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia)
Monica Rodriguez Medina | California Institute of the Arts (USA)
Rohini Kapil | California Institute of the Arts (USA)
Ming Qiang | The Central Academy of Fine Arts (China)
Heidi Kristina Lampenius | Finnish Academy of Fine Art (Finland)
Laura Grillo | Plymouth University, Contemporary Film Practice (UK)
Steph Bolt | RMIT University (Australia)
Kate Geck | RMIT University (Australia)
Matthew Sleeth | RMIT University (Australia)
Cagri Kucuksayrac | Sabanchi University (Turkey)
Marissa Benedict | The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA)
Rosalie Schweiker | University of Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts (UK)
Rachael House | University of Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts (UK)
Isabelle Desjeux | LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore)
Michael Timothy | LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore)

Invited artists:
Shi Qing (China)
Aiko Miyanaga (Japan)
Shinji Ohmaki (Japan)