TROPICAL LAB 5: Masak-masak

“Masak-masak”, a Malay term for make-believe cooking and child’s play, is the research theme for this year’s lab. Much like the process of art-making, masak-masak foregrounds the desire to experiment the preparation, presentation and consumption of food as a basic need for survival or for pleasure.

Overview of Schedule:
Thu 15 Sep – Arrival of overseas participants
Fri 16 Sep – Welcome Orientation/Seminar
Sat 17 Sep – Presentations by Participants
Sat 17 Sep – 22 Sep – ART FOOD Sessions/Field Trip/Workshops
Fri 23 Sep – Exhibition Opening
Exhibition continues thru 7 Oct

Detailed schedule available on the Notice Board

From 16 to 22 September, you, the participating artists will be involved in a series of your own presentations, a seminar, artists sessions and workshops that will culminate in an exhibition at LASALLE.

You will be guided through the lab by Seminar speakers, Dr Charles Merewether, Adeline Kueh, Hilary Schwartz and Ye Shu Fang; as well as guest artists and professionals in special ART FOOD Sessions – these include Alvin Chia, Amanda Heng, Chandrasekaran, Henri Chen, Marjorie Chu, Mike HJ Chang, Salleh Japar, Steven Lim and Zaki Razak. Go to the Notice Board and click on the link to ART FOOD Sessions for details.

Participating artists:
Nina Galic | Academia of Fine Arts (Serbia)
Liu Di | The Central Academy of Fine Arts (China)
Danielle Dean | California Institute of the Arts (USA)
Ellie Collins | University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts (UK)
James Green | University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts (UK)
Christine Rebet | Columbia University (USA)
Nadja Frank | Columbia University (USA)
Monika Hapsari | Indonesia Institute of the Arts (Indonesia)
Agnes So | RMIT University (Australia)
Polly Snaith | RMIT University (Australia)
Chol Janepraphaphan | Silpakorn University (Thailand)
Yogi Margana | STISI Telkom Higher School of Art & Design Bandung (Indonesia)
Matt Thomas | University of Plymouth (UK)
Charlotte Dore | Winchester School of Art (UK)
Ma Moe Htet Htet | LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore)
Simon Ng Yong Heng | LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore)

Invited artists/hosts for ART FOOD Sessions:
Alvin Chia
Amanda Heng
S. Chandrasekaran
Henri Chen KeZhan
Marjorie Chu
Mike HJ Chang
Salleh Japar
Steven Lim
Zaki Razak