Day 4 – Pulau Ubin

As a yearly Tropical Lab tradition, Participants take an inspiring trip to Pulau Ubin. The offshore island houses the last of ‘kampung’ villages in Singapore and boasts a wealth of nature and wildlife diversity. The laid-back and slow-paced island life on Pulau Ubin is a huge contrast to the hustle and bustle of our mainland city. On this island, we get close to nature and leave all cares behind.

DSCF0576We’ve arrived on Ubin shores after a short bumboat ride from Changi Ferry Jetty!

DSCF0577DSCF0583Fine Arts Lecturer and guide of the day Steven helps participants get their bikes from the rental store.

DSCF0584DSCF0594Big smiles on this sunny day out!

DSCF0604A cheery group picture at Chek Jawa.

What a wonderful day out!