LASALLE College of the Arts is where you will be spending most of your time during the lab. All seminars, participants’ presentations, guest artist interactions, workshops, and exhibition will all be held at the LASALLE campus; except for a few offsite activities like the field trip and some of the hosted meals. Please refer to the Programme link on the Notice Board for the detailed schedule.

Getting around the Campus
LASALLE College of the Arts
Address: 1 McNally Street Singapore 187940
Telephone: +65 6496 5000
Click here for Directions & Location Map

The main entrance is on McNally Street where you will be greeted by the distinct black facade that opens onto a sprawling Campus Green (which our students affectionately nicknamed “Frass” = fake grass). The campus is made up of six 5-storey buildings, named Blocks C, D, E, F, G and H. Your home for the next 10 days will primarily be in Room F208 (Block F, Level 2, Room 208) and ICAS Gallery 2.



Wireless Internet Access
The LASALLE campus has free wifi. Check with your LASALLE student guide on Orientation day how to access the LASALLE wireless network.

Events on Campus
Catch some of these exhibitions and performances during your stay at the lab. LASALLE has five gallery spaces and three theatres which stage regular events.