First & Last Shots 2011

Here is a compilation of our first impressions and parting moments of Singapore/Tropical Lab — in a photo, drawing, scribble, thought or text. Add to the collection and email us at so we can have one last look at our shared experience as we continue on in our separate journeys.


Matt Thomas – i thought i would start my journey with a durian

Matt Thomas – Teh C & kaya toast

Matt Thomas – Sim Lim Square

Agnes So – The #9 Vegetarian Special

Ellie Collins – a “memorable” flourescent rose flavoured milk drink in a can

James Green

Charlotte Dore

Matt Thomas – amazing pink stuff from Zaki Razak’s performance-lunch

Yogi Margana


A couple of photos and a message from Matt Thomas: “i managed to get all of the leftovers from milenko’s into my backpack, but i had to leave all my clothes behind. if anybody needs some extra large t-shirts, you’re welcome to them, but they will need a wash. thanks to everybody who made this a very unique and special experience for me, and one that will have an impact on my work for some time to come.”

Matt Thomas – last night (ta pao from Milenko’s)

Matt Thomas – last morning

Matt Thomas – last meal

A message from Charlotte Dore: “This is my last photo of Lasalle. I will miss the beautiful sounds greeting us each morning. This has been an amazing experience I will treasure always. Love Charlotte” (Note from TropicalBlogEmpress: If you look closely, you can get a peek of the gamelan players inside Block C)

Charlotte Dore – My last photo of Lasalle