Lab Grads

Longing to Come Back
What Tropical Lab Graduates have said about their international art fortnight experience at LASALLE College of the Arts.

Heidi Kristina Lampenius
Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (Finland)

Tropical Lab 2010
“As a unique possibility, Tropical Lab provided a platform for discussions and thoughts between artists of different backgrounds and… a chance for an understanding of the city which exceeded the visual. I had the opportunity to collaborate and be inspired by the surroundings.”

Laura Grillo
The University of Plymouth (UK)

Tropical Lab 2010
“Tropical Lab has taught me about finding connections with people and being able to communicate with them on a similar level… [It] has allowed me… the opportunity to take collaborations further – making contacts with who I can work with in the future as many people have expressed an interest in working with me on future projects.”

Rachael House
Camberwell College of Arts (UK)

Tropical Lab 2010
“I came back from Tropical Lab refreshed and inspired by the spirit of LASALLE and the artists in the workshop. Everyone took their work extremely seriously but not themselves, which made it an amazing dynamic environment to work in. I long to come back.”

Rohini Kapil
California Institute of the Arts (USA)

Tropical Lab 2010
“… an intensive boot camp art experiment resulting in cross cultural collaboration, new global connectivity and a stack of ideas to go home with.”