Meeting Space 2012


Meet your fellow participating artists from the 18 international arts institutions as well as the Tropical Lab Team from LASALLE College of the Arts; in introductory images representing yourselves as a artists, researchers, and travelers.

Haven’t sent a picture? Email it to together with a one-liner about this art/food/culture theme you’ll be exploring and a link to your blog or website so we can see more of your work.

Introductory videos from the Tropical Lab participants
Valerie Wolfgang from Slovenia
Elizabeth Sampson from Australia
Erika Norris from Singapore
Tina Tomovic from Switzerland
Sam Raines from UK
Natalie Madani from Switzerland
Muhammad Akbar from Indonesia
Minha Park from USA
Lydia Keith from UK
Kim Thornton from UK
Kassia Ko from Hong Kong

For more Tropical Lab action, hop on to our Youtube channel!